by Localized

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released May 19, 2015



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Localized Oregon

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Track Name: Element
Hold your breath
Until your view distorts
Yeah, you gave your best
But your will contorts

You're out of your element
Don't you try to tout of the government
Of your emotions
It's precocious

Failed to recognize
Harmony from tolerance
As I gazed in your eyes
I couldn't fathom such a broken romance

I'm out of my element
To try to hold on to that sentiment
Of your illusion
Of inclusion

It's the end of the road
You have to let go
You get lost in your head
Irrational dread
There's a threat to your pride
You try to run and hide
But you fall to the floor
At the thought of what's in store
Track Name: Shut Up
You give me: diddly squat
But you like to: talk a lot

Oh how I'd love it
If you'd just be quiet

There's a clear difference between you and I
Forgive me if I can't look you in the eye and say
"I'm having a good time"

You give me: the run around
Then you turn to: walk on out

If you're looking for some inspiration
To practice speaking cessation
Consider this an invitation
To quit wearing thin on my patience

Oh I'd adore you
If I could ignore you

Perhaps we ought to reference all the instances you've tried
To interest me with prompts I have declined
... and well sorry but ...
I'm not Mr. Sunshine
Track Name: Sleep
I walked along this shore
A shore they don't let you go anymore
I used to trust my heart
A heart that hasn't been ticking as well since we've been apart

So I just sleep
But I don't dream

I fell onto the sand
Unwelcome by the loose grip on my hand
And as the rubble falls away
You grow colder with each and every day

When did you know our love was fading?
When did you know our love was fading away?
When did you know our love was fading away?
When did you know our love was fading away?